Vote To Protect The 2nd Amendment

In the wake of the Supreme Court Bruen decision that legalized concealed carry nationwide, our NYS Governor doesn’t show much respect for the Supreme Court, or the Bill of Rights. Second Amendment Foundation founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb said “One would think by now the state would have wised up and changed its law to comply with not only the letter of the high court ruling, but the spirit in which the decision was written.” It seems New York State law-abiding citizens will still be denied a concealed carry license for self defense.

Instead of moving forward after the Supreme Court ruling finding the resrictive New York State proper-cause requirement unconstitutional, New York State lawmakers insist on working on passing more restrictive gun laws that will surely be challenged. We must elect leaders who will respect our right to self defense which is protected by the Bill of Rights. Early voting starts October 29. Lets make sure to get to the polls on or before November 8.