N.Y.S. Concealed Carry Improvement Act Challenge

New York State is absolutely determined to ignore the plain text of the Bruen decision. It seems New York State law-abiding citizens will still be denied a concealed carry license for self defense. The mistakenly named “Concealed Carry Improvement Act” was passed in Albany on November 7, 2022 after the Supreme Court rebuked the state’s may-issue concealed carry permitting scheme. The Supreme Court’s ruling finding New York States restrictive gun control policies unconstitutional mean nothing to New York State lawmakers. Instead they insist on working to pass more restrictive gun laws that will surely be challenged.

Gun Owners of America challenged The Concealed Carry Improvement Act when it was passed in federal court. The ruling from Judge Glenn Suddaby indicated this law has imposed “unprecedented constitutional violations.”  The disregard by New York State for The Supreme Courts Bruen ruling will now be answered. Gun Owners of America (GOA) and Gun Owners Foundation (GOF) have petitioned for writ of certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court.

New York’s unconstitutional gun control laws grievously refuse to honor the Constitution and need to fall in line with the Bruen ruling.